Since 1999 Bravo Bike is one of the first agencies in Spain fully dedicated to biking tours and the first one to do so in Madrid. Ever since, we offer tailored tours only: in Madrid, Spain and in many places in Europe, too.

City bike tours have become the best way to get a full immersion into the place visited. And Madrid is no exception to this. Quiet the opposite: Madrid is a big city with lots to see and Bravo Bike offers the funniest and most dynamic way of getting a very wide picture of the city, its landmarks but its hidden gems, too.  Bravo loves to Bike off the beaten track!!
On a map we provide you with, you’ll be able to trace your way back to those places you loved to discover on the tour.
Once the tour is finished, we will send you souvenir pictures of your ride (for free) so you can show off, when back home.

All our guides speak mother tongue English.
We offer private tours in German, French, Italian and Spanish, too.

Most of our tours are 3 hours long.
We offer, too, longer tours (full day or half day), tapas tours, tours for exchange students, schools and company team-building.
For families with kids, we designed the River and Parks tour. Much more enjoyable for kids then the busy city centre.


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